A calm place

Sometimes you want to retreat, to meditate, to pray.
You will find this peace in our room of silence.

The ecumenical inauguration and opening of the chapel – and the Focolare Centre – took place on 6 September 1978 with the presence of the Bishop of Basel, Dr Anton Hänggi, Pastor Jakob Frei from Kappel and the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Emilianos of the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

In 2008, the chapel was redesigned in terms of colours and was then presented in a plain and simple way.



At the beginning of 2020 a total renovation became necessary. With a contemporary concept, the chapel became the “Room of Silence”, accessible at all times for people who need peace and reflection before God.

At the same time, the Room of Silence is still committed to ecumenism. Here, religious services of different denominations will continue to be held. Equipped with the latest AV technology, it allows a variety of different uses.

The four gold dots on the front symbolize the four gospels. They align with the squares of the ceiling and thus appear as a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth.

According to the Franciscan cross of San Damiano, the “Pierced Cross” of Josua Bösch does not symbolize the crucified but the risen Christ. Bösch writes: “Triangle – bowl – circle, figure of the upright human being, when God and man are one again. Simple, unambiguous and clear. This is what we are meant from the beginning. Upright, not curved and bent. Not crucified, not victim. Risen.”

The tabernacle was designed by Silvia Magnin-D’Altri.

The Dialoghotel Eckstein received the Orthodox icon as a gift.  

Spiritual activities at the Dialoghotel Eckstein

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